Our lab is constantly looking for highly motivated people to join us. Simply get in touch with Alex Breuer if you are interested in any of the lab’s activities.

Student Projects

Student projects are always welcome in our lab! Typically, a “student project” is your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis. However, we are open for all other projects as well! Joining us means that you become a part of the lab and actively participate in the lab’s activities: We meet regularly and share our progress and thoughts, we read and discuss scientific papers, and we have a joint coffee break once a day ☕.

Topics are close to the lab’s research endeavors and depend on individual preferences. Often student projects are related to classes or seminars taught by members of the lab. However, you may even bring your own topic! Here is a non-exhaustive list of recent unassigned topics to spark your thoughts:

Open Positions

We have multiple openings at the Ph.D. or Postdoc level (100%, TV-L E13). You are probably a good match if your profile has a strong overlap with the following qualifications:

  • Master’s / Ph.D. degree in Computational and Data Science, Computer Science, Mathematics, or a related field
  • C / C++ skills and a passion for writing high-quality code
  • Experience in programming at the lowest levels (assembly and machine code)
  • Experience in parallel programming and hardware architectures
  • Expertise in numerical algorithms and data analytics
  • Willingness to expand your expertise to new and project-relevant areas
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Willingness to work in a dynamic and team-oriented environment
  • Experience with Machine Learning / Deep Learning frameworks and libraries
  • Python skills including interfaces to C / C++ or intermediate layers
  • Experience with good software engineering practices

We also hire highly motivated undergrad and graduate students (up to 20h / week). All students are integrated into the lab’s research endeavors.